Welcome to the new home of the AAPHC!

Our Mission: To provide a framework suitable for sustaining and fostering further growth of those individuals, within Austin and its surrounding areas, who identify themselves by the term of Pagan or Heathen. Our ultimate goal: the building of a religious community center so that it may be used to further the pursuits of those members in our collective, in areas of esoteric growth, as well as educate all those new to the Pagan and Heathen paths.

Executive Summary The AAPHC is a Texas corporation. Its immediate goal is to apply for non-profit status as either a standard 501c3 or 501c4 religious institution (church). We wish to gather a formal membership and the support of corporate sponsors in order to raise a building and provide a greater focal point for the present and future individuals identifying as Pagan or Heathen.

Please keep in mind that our recent endeavors are wide in vision but narrow in scope. This page is only temporary while we work on the real website. It will provide more information about membership into the collective, monthly meetings, goals, timelines, milestones, and a forum with which members can provide input and direction into our ultimate project and goal: The Keep.